I’m Rotem, an American-Israeli (born in Israel, raised in America) who recently moved to Tel Aviv, Israel. Since I work from home at strange hours, I found myself with some extra time on my hands and thus Rotem’s Beyti was born. My boyfriend (also known as the Professional Eater, because he eats like it’s his business) would go for lunch to a restaurant near his office called Ochel Beyti (אוכל ביתי) which means “homemade food” or, more literally, “food from the home.” This family-owned restaurant always serves classic Israeli food from huge pots in huge servings and my Professional Eater would joke that at home when I cooked I too would make homey food in large amounts. So welcome to my bayit (בית), my new Israeli home, and enjoy some old — and new — family recipes!

When I’m not making cupcakes for my friends or dinner for my Professional Eater, I enjoy grocery shopping, exploring the city, reading, and playing the harp.

Note: While I am now back in the States, I will continue to post about Israeli food and Mediterranean culinary adventures!

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